Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Various and Sundry

As you likely ascertained by reading Monday's post, dear Reader, I have returned to my homeland and home computer, and so there will probably be some more posts. Here's hoping this year's crop will be as exuberantly chaotic and surreal and last year's!

Last night, the warm weather fled from us like little boys from soap and water. It got back down below freezing again, which is fine, since it is January, after all. However, the warmer climes caused my assistants to leave the heat off in the lab last night. Do you have any idea what icicles do to a brain in a jar? I suppose the arrival of the new moon might have had something to do with their foolishness, but writer's block is nothing compared with the block of ice my brain nearly became!

At any rate, my holyday with the family went well. My 4 1/2-year-old nephew is increasingly susceptible to the corruption my visits bring, and his younger brother will probably follow suit. Muh-ha-ha-ha!

Got a call last night from the dean for a week of camp I'll be working in this summer, outlining what he wants from me for that week. Since we're doing a cinematic theme ("Lights, Camera, Action"), he wants to utilize more drama than we have in past years. The upshot of which is that I get to flex my screenwriting muscles a bit more this year, writer's guild strike be hanged! (He promised me triple what he was paying me in previous years, so I caved at last.)

H. M. Snow's new novel is on order, but isn't slated to arrive at my door 'til near the end of January. I'll be sure to post a review here once I've read it.

On an unrelated jag, there may soon be available Prayer of St Espressus t-shirts (the icon on the front and the text of the prayer on the back.) I'm getting a sample done now. If it looks good, I may just offer 'em here at the lab.

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