Saturday, December 29, 2007

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2007

Ah, nostalgia (which sounds like a nasal infection of some sort)!

Here's my list of my ten favorite posts of this past year:

The Origin of Deck The Halls (and some others) (so much for political correctness!)
The Original Gospel of Melvin Post (The first of a recurring feature here at the brain lab)
Reminiscences of The Adventures of Capt Orthodoxy (A forgotten Christian radio program)
The first (posted) chapter of Night of the Java Beast (I really never meant there to be any more chapters)
The tomb of Elijah discovered (a response to the tomb of Jesus nonsense)
St Paddy's Day in my neighborhood (and you thought you had it tough?)
Starship Noa-Zark (Christian tv and more bad puns than you can shake a stick at, if that's your idea of a good time)
Less-than-helpful hint for being more like Jesus (Because we all need a little help)
The Prayer of St Espressus of Java (patron saint of fictitious saints)
Weak Coffee is Like Weak Doctrine (2 coffee posts in a row!)
Paranoid Conspiracy Rant (Someone has to look out for you people!)
Stray Dog (the whole story, really)
Piece of the Nativity that Luke & Matthew left out (My Christmas card to y'all)

And 2 more that were very popular, even if I didn't compose them myself:
Church terms that oughta exist (check out the comments on this one, too)
The Two Minute Haggadah

Ten favorite posts plus two honorable mentions equals fifteen!

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