Friday, May 02, 2008

Welcome to Jr Hi Bible students

A moderately-sized "Hello" to all of the enlightened young scholars in the Jr High Bible class at Springfield Christian School! I regularly confound you in the classroom, and now, thanks to the wonder of the Internet, I can befuddle you in the evenings and weekends from the relative safety of your own homes and computer terminals! There's a word for the special kind of madness that longs for such things, dear students, but I don't think I can spell it. I probably can't even pronounce it.

Since you're new here, you'll probably want to check out the Gospel According to Melvin. There will be a quiz on that next week. (Won't Mrs Shelton be surprised!)

Drop me a note in the appropriately-titled "comments" box. Tens and twenties are especially appreciated.

Now, 8th graders, how do you pronounce "Festus"?
*Did I say "confound"? I meant "corrupt."


HMSnow said...

The next generation never stood a chance, did it?

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to that quiz. Corey

Allen's Brain said...

HMS, Nope.

Question 3: Name a melon not listed in the Gospel of Melvin.

Question 1 5/8: What size was the medium at Endor (1 Sam 28)?

Question 7c: Spell "honeydew."

Anonymous said...

I have not read all of them yet but I will go with water mellon. Corey

Anonymous said...

7c was a tough one but I will go with honeydew

Allen's Brain said...

"Honeydew" is correct. Can't put much past you, can I?