Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Big News... What It Isn't.

There is some very big news coming to the Brain Lab! In case you still care, I'll give you some hints.

Here is what the "big news" is not:

-I'm getting married!

-IT CAME FROM ALLEN'S BRAIN! is about to become the premiere site for spork collectors the world over.

-I'm finally hanging it all up and ending the blog because I'm going to prison.

-Regular guest posts by Nancy Pelosi coming soon!

-The release of the first CD by my klezmer/ska/fusion band, "Gnawed To Death By Weasels."

-I'm finally on some medication that straightens me out. (y'all should be so lucky!)

-I may have just won ten million dollars!

-Expose: "The Muffin Man Revealed!"

-Sculptures of Allen's Brain made from chewing gum will be on sale here starting next week!

-I am the new American Idol! (that ought to boost Gnawed To Death By Weasels' CD sales)


Gregory said...

Quit torturing us, man!

Are you getting the operation or not? Oh, have I said too much?

Will Gnawed to Death by Weasels be touring through Iowa?! Please, oh, please, oh, please...

Verification: swadxps - The name of GTDBW's first album, and what an apt name it was.

HMSnow said...

Gnawed to Death by Weasels-- is that anything like Weasel Stomping Day by Weird Al? (Just so we're clear-- it's my younger brother's fault that I know anything about that appalling song. Honest.)

Allen's Brain said...

Ms Snow,
I'm unfamiliar with that particular Al song.
And--please--"To" and "By" are capitalized in the name of the band. The guys are kinda sensitive about that. Look for our new single on itunes, "Oy Vey! (It's a Meshuggah Day.)"