Friday, October 03, 2008

An insight into snowbaby religion?

I actually can't stand snowbabies. I think it's because one killed my dog when I was 6. However, until now, I never realized that they worshiped and prayed to Tinkerbell. It might explain a few things.

Overreacting? Oh, how I wish that were so! The one on the right has mittens clasped in a plainly-recognizable posture of prayer. The one on the left is obviously prostrating its gender-vague self before the mighty and wonderful Tinkerbell. They have chosen, as do many pagans, to gather around a sacred evergreen tree to offer tokens of their adoration to the scantily-clad pixie.

All around them lie scattered stars which have fallen from the heavens in a sort of Apocalyptic shorthand. Here, in a scene worthy of Lovecraft or Blake, is pictured the final moment before the end of all space and time! And all of this without Peter Pan to curb her powerful wrath!

Be afraid! says the diorama, Be terrified! She that is called Tink hath wrought the end of all things! Placate her with the purchase of more Disney merchandise!

Coming soon: My veep candidate debate with Sarah Palin!


The Never Fairy said...

HAHA! Too funny. Perhaps a little too eerie.
For more Peter Pan adventure (sans Tinker Bell) check out the new book that's different from all the rest.
Click on my name to see.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Oh, Allen--
what would Queen Ri say?

(if you don't get that, be thankful)

Allen's Brain said...

IC, I am thankful. I couldn't even get anywhere with google!