Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Technology Malfunctions Instigate Blogging Hiatus For Brain In A Jar

My computer's on the fritz lately. This means fewer posts here. I'll try to get an occasional missive out to you at the local library 'puter lab, but you know how things are on the campaign trail! My secretary, Megan McCain (What? How else would a brain in a jar run a blog?) thinks posting to her blog is more important, apparently.

Latest news: Speaking at a highschool lock-in the 24th-25th.

Until I'm back full-time, please visit some of the scintillating spots I have linked on the left.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Um, you know, for the record, most high schoolers can't vote.

Although you broke through that "brains in a jar can't run for office" ceiling....

Allen's Brain said...

Sad, but true. Unfortunately, unlike these well-heeled public officials running for executive office, I still have to do my job!