Friday, November 07, 2008

Rocks in his head?

So, my five-year-old nephew was in for a routine doctor checkup. Everything seemed normal (for a child with arms and legs and a body.) However, it seemed the doc couldn't see into his ears.

Assuming it was dense waxy build-up (because he hadn't been using Lemon Pledge to prevent waxy build-up,) they irrigated his ears and (after harvesting a fine field of wheat) discovered a small round pebble in his ear canal. This is odd, of course, because he normally only has gondolas in there.

They managed to extract one in the doctors office, but the other one had to be done under sedation in the O.R. (By which I mean that they had to sedate him. The surgical team worked while fully awake.)

So, you see, my nephew had rocks in his head. He doesn't anymore, and he's much happier now, promising not to insert playground gravel into that or any other orifice again.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Oh, the poor little guy!

And geez, what kids will do....

Type4You/PaperSmyth said...

Oh, how sad. And I hope there was no permanent damage. (My son's doctor is the one who made my son deaf in one ear... long story.)