Monday, January 26, 2009

Melvin tackles the Temptations in the Wilderness: Redaction

In an unprecedented textual/critical event, translators of the so-called Melvin Gospel have unearthed a redaction* of the previous Melvinic narrative**.

What makes this edit especially poignant is that it appears on the immediately following page in the codex***! Scholars are calling this redactor AB, after the blogger whose posts have publicized the codex's contents.

Here is the complete authorized translation of the redacted text:

Melvin had always hated Motown, so when he was finally able to convince the Temptations to give a concert in the Judean desert, it was a great victory in his ongoing battle plan for the music's eradication.
*A rewrite or edit of a given text.
**The story of Christ's temptations in the desert.
***A book with the pages all stitched at one end and bound, often with a cover, much like our modern books--as opposed to a scroll.

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