Monday, June 15, 2009

New Vocabulary Word

The deer have been especially suicidal lately. (I'm not sure why, but maybe it's the economy. We seem to be able to blame it for everything else.) The sides of the roads and highways are littered with their tan, spindly-legged corpses. At least the coyotes are eating well.

Everywhere you turn, someone has a story about seeing one crossig their path late at night. the problem is in how to talk about these encounters. For instance, what is the correct )(or at least clever) term for the final quarters of the animal as they race way into the brush? "Buck Butt" Too gender-biased. The more polite "Buck Back"? No, that could be misconstrued as any part along the animal's spine. I suppose you could say "Buck Backside," but then you still have the gender issue. "Deer Rear" is fun to say, but I think I can go one better. I suggest that in the future we use the term "Deerierre" to refer to the southern-most view of a north-bound deer.

Use it. Love it. Cite me as the source.

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