Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purim Shpiel, 2011, pt 2

Esther won the king’s heart, and she became his queen,

For her looks, on a scale of 10, were rated at 15!

But it wasn’t just her beauty that had the king in awe.

Because she had no mother, he would have no mother-in-law!

Meanwhile, 2 royal guardsmen, named Teresh and Bigthan,

Plotted to kill Xerxes, but Mordecai heard their plan.

He notified queen Esther. The two were hanged for their plottin’,

And all of this was written down, and swiftly was forgotten.

The villain in this story is a guy we don’t like namin’

So we yell “Boo!” when we hear his name. The scoundrel’s name is Haman!

Now, Haman descended from Agag, whose family King Saul

Should’ve destroyed; but if he had, we’d have no tale at all! (1 Sam 15)

The king, Achashverosh, for reasons never noted,

Took a liking to this jerk, and had Haman promoted!

He made him top official. Whenever he came ‘round,

All of the other nobles were required to bow down!

Every royal officer would bow as he passed by.

One would not bow to Haman. His name was Mordecai!

(He said), “I won’t bow down or doff my hat.

“I will not bow down on a mat.

“I will not bow down in the rain.

“I will not bow–are you insane?

“I won’t bow down, for a Jew I am.

“I will not bow down, Ham-I-Am!”

(To which he replied,) “That Mordecai! That Mordecai!

“I really do not like that guy!

“I want to throw him off a train,

“And leave him standing in the rain!

“I want to make him sniff my socks!

“I want to hit him with big rocks!

“I do not like him here or there!

“I do not want him anywhere!

“Oh how I hate that Mordecai!

“I wish he’d shrivel up and die!

“And if the reason he won’t bow down or give me what is due,

“Is related to the fact that he was born a Jew,

“Then that whole race should be destroyed! And this is what I’m claimin’

“I’ll wipe out every single Jew, or my name isn’t Haman!”

Ooh! Suspenseful! Onward to pt 3!
Okay, but where is the beginning of this story?

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