Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purim Shpiel, 2011, pt 3

He told the king, “There are people here,

“The Jews, and you they do not fear.

“They do not do as they are told.

“Now, here are 375 tons of gold–

“Or silver, rather--all to fund

“This National Jewish Extermination!”

The king said, “Haman, keep your wealth,

“And run this genocide yourself!”

Now the villain had cast the “pur,” or “dice,”

To determine which date would be nice

For wiping all the Jews away.

The 13th of Adar was the “luckiest” day.

He sent a message throughout the land:

“Adar 13th is the day to stand

“Against all Jews! Exterminate!

“And take their stuff! Won’t that be great?”

Among the Jews, there rose a great cry

Of grief, and even Mordecai

Wore sackcloth and would not eat.

Esther sent a servant to greet

Her uncle and also to see

What’s wrong. He sent her the decree.

“You must go tell the king,” he said,

“Or all of us will wind up dead!”

“You don’t just go and see the king,” Queen Esther soon replied.

“You can’t just march up to the door, and rudely barge inside!

“If I go without being called--although I am his wife--

“If he doesn’t want to see me, I will surely lose my life!”

“Esther, Dear, if you don’t go–it may not be that day–

“But news will get out you’re a Jew, and you’ll die anyway!

“So you must try. And I don’t know exactly why it is,

“But maybe you were made the queen for such a time as this!”

Esther agreed. “But first,” she said, “This is what I ask:

“For the next 3 days before I go, I want us all to fast.”

And so they did, and so she went. And Xerxes welcomed her!

“What is it you would like My Queen?” And she responded, “Dinner?”

“Come and eat now, if you’re game, an’

“Bring along your buddy, Haman.”

After dinner, over wine,

Xerxes said, “I can’t divine,

“Just what you want. Please tell me what you’re aimin’”

“Dinner again, tomorrow night: Just you, and me and Haman.”

And then...?
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