Thursday, March 24, 2011

What the lazy Brain has been up to

Fixed the 2011 Purim shpiel to make it easier to navigate. Hope it helps in the future.

Just noticed on my calendar for March 20th, "Vernal Equinox."

Oh! I always wondered when his birthday was! Never known a Vernal Equinox. Knew a Vernal Johnson, but that's not the same guy, I'm sure.

And what is an "equinox," anyway? I know what an "ox" is. It's kinda like a cow on steroids. And I know that "equine" means "horses." So... is an "equinox" some sort of genetic experiment, then? A horsey-cow? A cow-ey horse?

And then to be named "Vernal" on top of that! How humiliating!

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