Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purim Shpiel, 2011, pt 5

"Esther, what is your request? What can I give you, My Wife?"

She said, "If it please your majesty, I ask that you grant me my life!

"And also spare my people!" The queen of Persia cried,

"There is a plot to kill us all, in one mass genocide!"

Xerxes asked, "And who is he that dares do this to you?"

She said, "It's wicked Haman. For you see, I am a Jew!"

“Gesundheit, Darling!” Xerxes said. The wine having gone to his head.

The villain's heart was filled with fear. He knew that he was through.

The king stormed out. The rascal knelt and begged to be spared, too.

When the king returned, he saw Haman on Esther's couch was falling.

"You dare assault the queen?” he roared, “I find that most appalling!"

On his 75 foot gallows, they had that villain hung!

The neighbors said, "It’s fitting! He was always a bit high-strung!"

To Esther was given his property, and to Mordecai, his position.

Once more Esther approached the king, and this was her petition:

"About the law that was devised by Haman, vicious and cruel,

"To destroy the Jews--my people? That law, please overrule!"

So a new law was created, giving Jews the right to act,

To destroy any army or person who might decide to attack.

The date that they could do this, was the one chosen by lot

By Haman, as the day to hatch, his anti-Jewish plot!

The Jews fought back upon that day, and their enemies destroyed,

And it's celebrated on "Purim," a holiday of joy.


Perhaps you may have noticed, God seems to not be here.

In all the book of Esther, God's name does not appear!

But certainly God was present, at work behind the scene!

Just as Esther hid her identity when she became the queen.

It is the same in our lives, sometimes God we do not see.

But, be assured, he's still at work, on his plan for you and me!

We should also learn from Esther, when we don't understand why

We're in the place that we are in, heed the words of Mordecai!

"You have come to royal position for such a time as this."

Perhaps you're there to do God's will in a place no one else is.

Pay attention all around you. God will lead you if you ask.

"What do you want me to do Lord? What is my chosen task?"


It is always right to do what's right–even when that's a difficult choice,

But God will bless the lives of those who choose to heed his voice!

Take it from the top, Boys!

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