Monday, September 26, 2011

Woohoo! Allen's Brain declared a heretic!

The rest of me is throughly orthodox, I suppose.

Just found out I've been nominated for "best blog by a heretic."

Haven't a snowcone's chance in a coffee pot of winning, but you can vote for me, anyway. While you're there, drop a vote for Brain Lab friends Ironic Catholic and B-Movie Catechism! The Blue Brain commands it!

Thanks to those who nominated me and voted for me--you lunatics, you! Just wait til the pope finds out you've been reading me!


PaperSmyth said...

"Just wait til the pope finds out you've been reading me!"

I think it is safe to say that no one knows how many minds I've read. But, yeah, aren't pseudonyms the best?!?

Congrats, man!

Allen's Brain said...

I wouldn't worry. He doesn't return my calls, anyway.

Gracewatch said...
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The Ironic Catholic said...

I'm glad you're taking it in the spirit of ecumenism with which I meant it!

p.s. The Pope doesn't answer my calls either.