Monday, October 15, 2012

Jonah and the whale-cup

This guy has a cool idea for a Jonah and the whale lesson craft idea.

Think I'll do something like this tonight, with my "Monday School" class.


hmsnow.novelist said...

I can see the promotional material now: "Come see the Big Fish swallow and regurgitate Jonah again and again! HYGIENICALLY! (Fine print: vomit not included. Caution: prophets may create a choking hazard for small fish. Parental supervision recommended.)"

Allen's Brain said...

Ours went over well. Naturally, we we taught them the song "Who Did Swallow Jon-Jon-Jonah?" I resisted--feebly, but successfully--the urge to add a verse, "Who did Ble-ugh Jon-Jon-Jonah?"