Thursday, March 29, 2007

On this day in history...

On this day in 2007, Allen's Brain mourns the fact that no one showed for his Wednesday night edition of "Journey to the Cross," but is consoled by the fact that few were enthusiastic when Jesus walked the original one.

On this day in 2007, a blogger waits impatiently for his landlord to come fix the leek in his ceiling, the cucumber in his floor, and the endive sprouting from the east wall. Ah, but little does he know that these are his salad days, My Friends!

On this day in 2015, physicist Heinrich bonVohr discovers the subatomic particle known as the bigon.

On this day in 2021, Heinrich bonVohr attempts to split the bigon particle. The ensuing explosion destroys his lab, and everything else in a five-block radius. Vohr is unharmed, having made the experiment by remote control. He is disappointed, but decides never to repeat the experiment, stating, "It was too dangerous, and it's probably better to just let bigons be bigons."

On this day in 2008, Allen's Brain is barred from for submitting his worst pun yet. Three die, groaning.


Pistol Pete said...

Big things can sometimes come in small packages. How many faithful ones followed Jesus to the end? Hang in there. Give them heaven!

Allen said...

Thanks, Pete.
In retrospect, "mourns" was a bit strong of a word. I knew there would be fewer kids, since so many of them are in sports. I was even ready for the possibility that none would show. I certainly don't think it's a gague of the potential spirituality of the community.
It was more the tiredness of having driven the half hour or so up to wait around for nothing and then drive the half hour back.

brent said...

They have actually installed a pun detector over at

As far as I could tell, it's powered by a bigoninc fuel cell and is capable of sending thousand of volts through the keyboard of an offending blogger.

Just so you know.

Allen said...

Ohm man! Thanks for the warning about the shocking voltage! Watt would I do without people like you?

Hey! Ow! That smarts!

verification word: sumju. An exceptional person of Israeli heritage. "That Jesus was sumju!"