Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purim Shpiel, 2011, pt 4

The wine was great. So was the food.

The villain was in a great mood,

Until Mordecai, he found,

Still refusing to bow down!

Haman called his wife and friends

To crow about his dinner plans.

“My life is great, but how can I

“Enjoy it, knowing Mordecai

“Still lives?” His wife said, “Build a gallows.

“Hang Mordie. Enjoy the dinner that follows.”

Such great advice was hard to beat!

The gallows measured 75 feet!

That night, Xerxes lay in bed,

Awake, and had the royal records read

To help him sleep. And he heard about

The royal guards’ plot Mordecai had found out,

Saving the life of the Persian king.

Xerxes asked, “Was anything

“Ever done to thank Ol’ Mordecai?”

“Nothing,” was the sad reply.

At that moment, guess who came in?

Yep, you guessed it! Wicked Haman!

The king said, “Hey, Man! How are you?”

And everyone around said, “Boo!”

“I want to honor a special someone.

“What do you think should be done?”

The villain smiled and thought, “Who else

Would the king want to honor except for myself?”

“Put him on a royal horse with a royal crown.

“Dress him up in royal robes and lead him round the town!

“Have a noble lead the horse, and to all proclaim,

“‘The king wants to honor this man!’” The king said, “Do the same

“Thing that you just told me. And you will be the guy

“To lead the horse and make the speech and honor... Mordecai!”

Haman did as he was told, then went home sad and blue-ish,

His wife said, “What did you expect? Your enemy is Jewish!

“No one stands against those folks and succeeds at all.

“If one is your enemy, get ready for a fall!”

King Xerxes' messengers arrived to hurry him without rest,

To Esther's second banquet, where he was an honored guest!

The king and Haman sat, and with Esther dined.

Finally, the king spoke up, "Now clearly speak your mind."

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