Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A few points of interest along the way

18% interest, that is!

It seems like most of my regulars here at ICFAB are also getting updates on my FB page, so it hardly seems fair to ask you to come over here. So, what do you think? Should there be exclusive blogg-y content here that won't get posted on Faceless Book?

I'm afraid we ran out of secret decoder rings, and it will be quite some time before there are any more in stock. Due to this unforeseeable circumstance, I'll go ahead and let you in on a secret. The Hebrew phrase on this blog post is pronounced "d'var sayther." It comes from Judges 3:19, and is the phrase typically translated "secret message."

Well, I thought it was funny...

And, yes, the pic of the decoder ring was from the Capt Midnight tv show, and doesn't look like the PSDR one you lucky few have. There were manufacturing secrets to be preserved, and so I couldn't actually show a real one.

Doesn't Captain Kresken Nostradamus sound like he'd be comfortable appearing alongside this show? And this one?

Chuck Taylor, in that same post, referred to "Charles Taylor," prophecy preacher who falsely predicted Christ's return 13 times, as documented by "A Brief History of the Apocalypse."

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